Aug 16, 2011

My Top 10 Amit Trivedi Songs

Amit Trivedi has accumulated an impressive number of hits in his (relatively) short career.  First receiving notice for his work on the underrated Aamir, he went on to garner critical acclaim for Dev D, one of the most innovative and diverse film soundtracks to come out of Bollywood.  He followed up with what I think is equally impressive work in Wake Up Sid, Aisha, Udaan, and No One Killed Jessica among others.  He's proven himself capable of writing fast-paced rock numbers, qawwali-style pieces, and sweet love songs with equal panache.

Output-wise he's (luckily for me in this post!) still in his early years--I'd pull my hair out selecting my favorites if he had a body of work as large as, say, an A.R. Rahman or R.D. Burman.  So before his repertoire grows to an unmanageable size, here are my top ten Amit Trivedi songs.

It was a very close call between first and second place, but in the end sweet and romantic won out over pure 80s danceability.  Did I leave out your favorite song?  What would your top 10 look like?

10.  Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol, Aisha

9.    Mahi Mennu, Dev. D

8.    Lehrein, Aisha

7.    Ha Raham (Mehfuz), Aamir

6.    Pardesi, Dev D

5.    Iktara, Wake Up Sid

4.    Aali Re, No One Killed Jessica

3.    Behke Behke, Aisha

2.    Bombay Bombay, Striker

1.    Dhol Yaara Dhol, Dev D 


Sami Saayer said...

the best amit trivedi song ever is naav from udaan. chakkar ghumyo from aamir is pretty good. aitbaar from no one killed jessica. so my top three trivedi songs are not even in your list. hmph.

Anishok said...

Ooh, nice list! Although I'd take uno Aisha over Lehrein.

veraishq said...

Nice list... :) But I do miss Aazadiyan (Udaan). Sham (Aisha) is another one I have a soft spot for. But ever since I fell in love with the Dev.D soundtrack, Trivedi has never disappointed me.

Lime(tte) said...

I love Amit Trivedi, but the songs on your list happen to not be my favorites... ;). I do like Iktara and Gal Mitthi, though.

Trivedi-songs I love: Saali Khushi + Emosanal Attyachar (Dev.D), Suno Aisha (Aisha), Dilli (NOKJ) and maybe some others I don't remember right now.

The Bolly Hood said...

From your list 'Iktara' is my favourite, followed by 'Lehrein'. I do like 'Bekhe Bekhe' as well. Great list, my current favourite singer is Mohit Chauhan, and female singer Shreya Ghoshal.

Both who I have featured in my Agar Lost Na Hota... feature - let me know what you think (has my blog offended someone? comments are an issue...).

Bombay Talkies said...

@Sami--I've listened to it over and over but I'm just not feeling the Udaan soundtrack. It's my least favorite of Amit's work.

@Anishok--I really like Suno Aisha too, but Lehrein is just so beautiful (and I'm a sucker for a cello)!

@Vera--I too got hooked after Dev D :)

@Lime(tte)--Dilli rocks! Maybe I should have expanded the list to 11.

@BollyHood--Behke Behke is SUCH a great dance number.

I hope this is the last time any of us have to explain this to you, but it's very poor manners to constantly comment on other peoples' posts in order to pimp your own blog. We all know your blog exists, and you've got some good, fun posts over there which I enjoy. You don't need to link to it in other peoples' comments. It's very rude.

Anonymous said...

If u don't like udaan. U gotta long way to go for usestanding real music.

bilal said...

I would agree.... how on earth could you not like udaan.. it should be at the number one list...also nayan tarse(Dev D) missing from the list !!

Bombay Talkies said...

Well the point of this being a list of MY favorite Amit Trivedi songs is that it probably isn't going to be the same as your favorite songs.

Anonymous said...

aawww!!! It doesn't include 'Shaam' from 'Aisha'!!! Anyways..your choice.

Anonymous said...

Amit trivedi is a genius isnt diverse without any formal training...makes me want to leave engineering and jump into the music industry right away!...Neway the songs which i personally like are Shaam,Pardesi and most of all Manja, Dhak Dhuk and Meethi Boliyan in which he adds another dimension through his husky and unusual voice...

Anonymous said...

I love every song of Amit Trivedi, so I can't make a top list of them. But for his work as a background scorer, I like UDAAN, ISHAQZAADE, DEV-D, etc.

Anonymous said...

Amit trivedi's all d songs are best for the particular sutuations in movies and narrate the feelings of d character accurately ....this makes all d songs equally best according_to d

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